2022 trend forecast

2022 trend forecast

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We dive into some of the interior design trends set to make waves in 2022, and share our pick of window treatment trends to look out for this year.

Motorised window treatments

Smart technology is taking Kiwi homes by storm, and window treatments are no exception. Motorised curtains and blinds are becoming increasingly popular, and they might be simpler and more affordable than you think.

Motors can be hard-wired or rechargeable battery operated and controlled with a remote, app or voice activation. They’re particularly great for hard-to-reach windows and areas where you want a clean, cord-free finish.

Motorised roller blinds
Motorising the roller blinds on these large stacker doors gave a crisp, cord-free result.

Grounded interiors

Is brown the new black? Reflecting our desire to be connected to nature, we are seeing the rise of earthy, natural tones in 2022.

Clay brown, tan, ochre and chocolate browns are offset by tranquil greens ranging from eucalyptus to olive.

Warwick Fabio Umber
Image from Warwick featuring Fabio fabric in Umber.

Sustainable solutions

The move away from “fast fashion” applies not just to our wardrobes, but also our living spaces. Increasingly Kiwis are steering away from quick, cheap wins in favour of quality décor choices that will stand the test of time.

Mindful design choices extend to the materials we’re using as well, with many suppliers now offering lower-impact products such as recycled fabrics for curtains and roller blinds.

Rejuvenate by Maurice Kain
Maurice Kain’s Rejuvenate fabric is made from recycled polyester.

Floor-to-ceiling sheers

As ceilings inside homes trend upwards and windows become larger, solutions to manage light, heat and privacy become more important than ever. Sheer curtains continue to be a popular choice, filtering light and providing a layer of privacy from the outside.

For a true floor-to-ceiling look, flush-fit curtain tracks are surging in popularity. These are fitted recessed into the ceiling GIB, providing a minimalist finish that really allows your curtains to shine.

Be aware though - you’ll need to plan this early on, as your builder will need to provide extra nogging and cut a recess into the GIB.

Flush-fit curtain tracks
Flush-fit tracks are ideal for a minimal, floor-to-ceiling look.

Lean into luxury

All the glamour and sophistication of a luxury hotel, brought home. The luxe interior trend embraces intimate, moody tones - dark indigo blues, berry shades and golden hues.

Furniture is soft, often with rounded edges and paired with darker stained timbers. For curtains and upholstery, think large scale florals, monochrome prints, metallic accents and soft velvets.

Palacio by James Dunlop
Curtains in Palacio FR (front) and Highline (back) by James Dunlop.

Retro revival

As we continue to feel the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, cheerful retro aesthetics are resurging in 2022 as we look for ways to bring joy and fun to our interior spaces.

Take inspiration from the sunny colour palette and bold designs of the 1960s and 70s: playful, curved furniture shapes pair with bold, geometric forms and fresh takes on romantic florals.

Flower Power by James Dunlop
James Dunlop's Flower Power collection was inspired by mid-century design.

Layered looks

This isn’t so much a new trend as a continuation of one from last year. Layered window treatments continue to gain in popularity, with many clients opting to combine products to achieve the optimal result.

The perfect pairing for your home depends on what you need your window treatments to do (e.g. privacy, light filtering or room darkening), the space you have and the look you’re trying to achieve.

Some of the most common combinations are double drapes, sheer curtains over roller blinds, dual roller blinds and Roman blinds over hard window treatments like Venetians or rollers.

Sheer curtain over roller blind
Soft sheers layered over a blockout roller blind.


No rules - only your imagination! The futurity trend is pure escapism; an eclectic mix of colours and contrasts.

Make a statement with vibrant colours, geometric patterns and a mix of textures from sheers to quilted and mesh fabrics. Bold and beautiful!

Futurity by Warwick
Futurity flat-lay by Warwick.

Which interior trends are you most excited for in 2022?

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