Building a new home? 5 top tips for success

Building a new home? 5 top tips for success

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Window treatments often get overlooked when planning a new home - yet they have a huge impact on the end result. Here are five key things to consider when building.

1. Planning ahead - realistic timeframes

Because window treatments are one of the last in a long list of decisions to be made when building a home, they often get left too late. Manufacturing times vary depending on the products you select, but generally we recommend getting in touch at least 10 weeks before your handover date.

This ensures there is plenty of time to make your selections, order any fabric and/or components needed, and make your custom window treatments. The more notice we have, the better we can work in with your builder and have your window treatments ready for when you move in.

2. Integrating smart technology

Motorisation and home automation are taking off in Kiwi homes, and curtains and blinds are no exception. While battery-powered systems can be retrofitted, you have the unique opportunity when building to hardwire the technology.

Like the thought of opening and closing your window treatments at the touch of a button or using voice technology? Chat to us today; we can supply specs for your builder and electrician to seamlessly incorporate your motorised window coverings into your build.

Motorised roller blind

3. Taking a close look at your plans

So - your windows look great in your design concepts and plans. But have you had a good look to consider how you will cover them?

One of the most common challenges we face is insufficient fixing to hang window treatments, which can be frustrating for clients who find they have to compromise on the finished product. This is easily fixed with some simple directions for your builder.

Something else to consider is the size and shape of your windows. Oversized, triangular and curved windows can limit your choice of window coverings. If you’re unsure about what’s possible, just give us a call for some free and friendly advice.

New build

4. Recessed blinds and tracks

For a truly minimal finish, more clients are now considering flush-fit curtain tracks which sit inside the ceiling lining. Recessed flush-boxes for roller blinds are another discreet option, concealing blinds above the line of the ceiling.

Because these products are fitted recessed into the ceiling GIB, it’s essential to plan this early on. We can supply specs and chat to your builder to allow for extra nogging and cut gap in the GIB prior to installation.

Flush fit tracks

5. Budgeting

If you’re building a home, you know that all the different expenses can add up fast. We can quote off plans so that you can factor window treatments into your budget early in your build.

Questions about window treatments for your new home? Get in touch with our friendly team for help and advice.