Considering double glazing? Try this first

Considering double glazing? Try this first

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Keeping your home warmer without double glazing

Double glazing has been a widely recommended solution to insulate windows. It is true that windows are one of the most vulnerable features as far as insulation or loss of heat and cold is concerned. Double glazing is presented as a fitting insulation which can keep rooms warm during winters and cool during summers. The concept and efficacy of double glazing cannot be dismissed entirely because it does work. However, it is not the best option.

Let us first understand why double glazing is not an ideal solution for winters. You would be having a heating system inside your home that will warm the air inside. This heated or warmed air will circulate throughout the room or property and will also get close to the windows. Double glazing can prevent the biting cold outside to dissipate in through conduction. However, it doesn’t prevent the windows from getting cold. The air on the surface of the windows and in direct contact does get colder. When the heated or warmed air inside gets in contact with this chiller air, it cools down and hence loses the heat. Since hot air gets drawn towards cold air and not the other way around, the dissipation is always in the form of heat, it is necessary to prevent this or to keep the cold air away from the hot air preventing the loss of heat through conduction, convection or simple dissipation.

Two options at your discretion that are more effective than double glazing are shutters and Thermacell. Up to 30% of heat lost from a room during winter is through windows. This can be reduced significantly with quality insulation that has a substantially greater R value than 0.9 to 3.0, which is the level of insulation in typical windows. Thermacell blinds are fitted inside a jamb of a window, falling onto the sill and having a minimum gap of 3mm on the sides. Thermacell blinds have an R value of 3.78 to 4.19, significantly higher than that in typical insulation for most windows. Thermacell is also the tightest fitting curtain or blind available right now.

Shutters too are more effective than double glazing. They offer one of the best light blocks of any window treatments on the market. Shutters can be maneuvered to offer as much light or as little depending on the positioning and angles. Shutters offer UV protection and come in a myriad of colors. Insulated shutters are an effective, efficient and affordable option for homeowners. They are also interchangeable and portable given the fact they can be uninstalled and installed on other windows that are alike in shape or form.

So if you are considering retrofitting double glazing, perhaps get a quote at the same time for either shutters and Thermacell blinds to see which is the most cost effective solution.