Curtain Fabric Trends - May 2020

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Looking at the most popular fabrics we are selling in May 2020.

The latest curtain fabric trends in May 2020.

Looking for the latest trends and inspiration for your curtains. We've included 4 great fabrics that are trending right now and would look great in many modern homes. All of these curtain fabrics are linen look fabrics. That continues the ongoing trend of these types of fabrics. Usually used with a double curtain track, the sheer/linen look curtain sits on the front track and the lining sits on the back track.

The 4 curtain fabrics we have listed are as follows.

James Dunlop - Charlton

This curtain fabric offers an element of simplistic elegance at an affordable price point.

Charles Parsons - Symphony

Woven with a striking geometric Jacquard pattern. Symphony sheer will add a subtle style statement to a wide range of modern interiors.

James Dunlop - Mira

Finely textured and airy, with a simple colonial lineal design.

Nettex - Cannes

Textured linen with a slight slub and modern neutral palate.