Curtain Fabric Types

Curtain Fabric Types

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Types of Fabrics


A high percentage of curtain fabric these days have either a portion or are entirely made up of polyester. It is a man made product there for it wears better and is easier to clean. It holds it's shape and therefore a set length year round is achievable.


Hugely popular at present is a linen look. Full linen curtains pleat fantastically and can look amazing. It's always recommended to puddle lines to a certain degree as they can shrink and expand from season to season. Being natural again it's recommended to make sure of your lining and dry-clean commercially.


A very common fabric that is used a lot in curtains. As a natural fiber it has a fresh clean look to it and works well as both a traditional and a modern style. It is essential to line a cotton with a solid lining. This helps the add weight and therefore let the curtain hang nicer. And also to help blockout the UV light from breaking down the cotton over time. Chose a tighter weave cotton if you are looking to make the room darker.


Not often used but an option nonetheless. When used well it can look stunning in a number of settings particularly in settings where a formal but soft romantic feeling is required. Silk is another natural fiber and therefore susceptible to fading and moisture so it's well worth investing in a good lining and other options to keep the sun off the face fabric.


Not as common as they once were velvet's are still a great choice in the right setting. Whether it's a true velvet or a polyester look alike. A heavier fabric that depending upon the pleat you choose may require a slightly thinner or separate lining to help with the look.


Voile's are usually made of polyester with an open weave to allow light through. Used to help with privacy during the day time without loosing the natural light. But also to help lower the amount of UV Light entering the room that can fade carpet and furniture.