How to achieve effortless style with wave pleat curtains

How to achieve effortless style with wave pleat curtains

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Thinking about new window treatments? Find out why wave pleat curtains are currently in such hot demand for Kiwi homes.

Wave pleat curtains, often referred to as S-fold curtains, have fast become a favourite for homeowners looking for a touch of modern sophistication for their windows.

In this guide, we’ll explore the reasons why wave pleat curtains are so popular right now. From their relaxed, contemporary design to benefits in light control and easy maintenance, there’s a lot to love about this breezy style.

Let’s dive in and find out why these curtains are making waves (pun intended!) in the world of window treatments.

Benefits of wave pleat curtains

Contemporary style
Wave pleats are our most relaxed curtain style. There is no gathering or bunching at the top, resulting in soft wave-like folds and a minimalistic design that complements various interior styles.

Privacy and insulation
Wave pleat curtains offer privacy by creating a stylish barrier between your indoor and outdoor spaces. Additionally, they can help insulate your room, reducing drafts and energy loss through your windows.

Effortless drape
With their flowing folds and gentle curves, wave pleats curtains hang evenly and drape beautifully. They add a touch of relaxed elegance to any room, making them a favoured choice for both residential and commercial spaces.

Wave pleat curtains are highly versatile and adaptable. They work well with different types of fabrics, allowing you to choose the perfect material to suit your preferences and needs. They can also be customised to fit various window sizes and shapes and can be hung on either single or double tracks.

Sheer wave pleat curtains in a kitchen dining area
Wave pleats work perfectly with soft , sheer fabrics like this one.

Easy upkeep
Maintaining wave pleat curtains is hassle-free. The absence of pleats or gathers means they’re less likely to accumulate dust, and regular vacuuming or gentle cleaning is usually sufficient to keep them looking fresh.

Pattern perfection
Wave pleats are ideal for patterned fabrics as the heading of the curtain is uninterrupted, letting the pattern shine through.

Stacking space
Wave curtains use less fabric than some of the more traditional pleat styles, making this an ideal style for situations where there is limited stacking space to the side of the window.

Close up of an S-fold curtain with a patterned floral fabric
With no gathering at the top, wave curtains are ideal for patterned fabrics.

How to choose and implement wave pleat curtains

Measuring your windows
Accurate measurements are crucial when choosing wave pleat curtains. You’ll want these curtains to fit like a glove! Don’t forget to consider what fixing is available and how much room you’ll need to stack the curtains back when they’re open. Our Curtain Design consultants can help with this - and provide a free in-home measure and quote service.

Choosing the right fabric
This is the fun part, but it’s not all about aesthetics. Think about how much light you want to let in, privacy requirements and what will match your style. Wave pleats work beautifully with soft fabrics like sheers and linens, but there are also great options for thicker, more sturdy fabrics.

Let's talk hardware
Tracks or rods - you’ll want to pick the right one to pair perfectly with your curtains and ensure they function smoothly. The nature of the wave pleat means these curtains need to hang beneath a rod, square track or ceiling-mounted track. Make sure the hardware is compatible with the weight and width of your curtains.

Install like a pro
Follow the manufacturer's instructions for installing your curtains. Ensure the hardware is securely mounted, and the curtains hang evenly with uniform wave spacing for the desired look. When you choose Curtain Design you won’t have to worry about this, as we offer a full installation service for all of our curtains and blinds.

Keep things clean
The lack of pleats or gathers means this style is less likely to accumulate dust than other curtains. However, we recommend regularly removing dust and debris by using a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment. For deeper cleaning, follow the fabric care instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Wave pleat curtains stacked open in a bedroom
Above: Wave pleat curtains when they’re stacked back on a window.

So, there you have it. Wave pleat curtains: modern, sophisticated and your ticket to a stylish space. With their contemporary design and practical benefits, these curtains are sure to remain sought-after for years to come.

Need help choosing the perfect window treatments for your place? Get in touch today! Our Curtain Design team is always on hand for help and advice.