Importance Of Curtain Linings

Importance Of Curtain Linings

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The importance of curtain linings for curtains

More often than not people, specifically homeowners ignore the importance of curtain linings. Little do they know, the longevity of their curtain fabrics, lie in the hands of the little detail that they forget. Not only do curtain linings help to enhance the look of the curtains, but come with a great deal of protection, insulation and privacy amongst other things. The curtain linings can be as important a selection as the main fabric you choose.

A curtain lining is like the underlay of a carpet. To the naked eye it has no amazing factor, but it’s a necessary base that protects and shows a top layer that is decorative.


Insulation and the increase of it is probably the number one function of a curtain lining. The provision of an additional layer by the curtain linings traps heats from inside the room and prevents the air circulating and touching the cold window pane therefore lowing the ambient air temperature. This can be achieved by the use of medium to heavy materials or a compact woven fabric. On the other hand, during the hot days this layer can help in reducing the heat in a room by reflecting the sun rays.

Light & Noise Reduction

Curtain linings help to reduce noise pollution from outside. The combination of a thicker lining with the main fabric will create a good barrier to assist with absorbing any sound waves that reach your property. Thus lessening the intrusion of noise and creating a better environment.

Curtain linings also help in light control; they let you reduce the light penetrating through to one’s room. If you were to hang a curtain fabric up on its own, UV light would still enter the room through the thinner fabric. By adding a lining of any degree, you are helping to offset this and reduce the amount of harmful UV light that will enter your room. This will assist on a number of fronts, firstly with the longevity of the main curtain fabric itself. And secondly with the protection of carpets and other soft furnishings inside the room. We can add a third benefit being a room that is darker and therefore more friendly to sleep in.

Protecting the main fabric

The curtain linings also help in reducing the risk of mildew and mold damaging the main fabric. They achieve this by blocking the moisture that may arise on the window especially in the morning, which is formed by condensation. This also increases the lifespan of the fabric and in the long run.

View from the outside

Curtain linings also help in increasing the uniformity of the house. A curtain lining is the visable fabric from the outside of the house. This is what the neighbors, visitors or yourself will see when looking into the windows. There are a number of different colours available in curtain lining and it is simply a choice as to what the customer wants the look to be.

Curtain linings come in many colors, in many times, ranging from white, ivory to ecru. Hence when considering curtain linings, think of a lining that is fade resistant. Curtain linings have a separate tape that can be removed from the main and is very much effective when one needs to wash.