The essential guide to window treatments

The essential guide to window treatments

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Not sure what window treatments are right for you? Don’t know a Roman blind from a Venetian? We’ve made it easy with this handy guide.

Check out the infographic below outlining our six most popular window coverings, and keep reading to learn more about the benefits of each.

guide to window treatments infographic


BEST FOR: Dressing a room.

BONUS POINTS: Warmth, sound absorption and privacy.

When it comes to expressing your individual style, nothing gives you more freedom than custom curtains. With a huge range of fabrics as well as your choice of tracks, rods and finishing style, the options are endless. Not only will curtains instantly dress a room, but they also offer great benefits in blocking out light and sound (particularly if you opt for blockout lining). Whether you’re decorating an old villa, a retro renovation or a modern new home, there will be a fabric and design for you.

Curtains in a Taupo living room

Venetian blinds

BEST FOR: Filtering light.

BONUS POINTS: Privacy and heat reduction.

Venetian blinds give you the flexibility to control the light, heat and privacy in your home by simply tilting the slats to the desired angle. They sit inside the window frame, so are a great option for tight spaces. Choose from a range of colours and slat sizes, and either wooden or composite materials (great for bathrooms and wet areas as they don’t absorb moisture).

Hamilton kids room Venetian blinds

Roller blinds

BEST FOR: Privacy & light control.

BONUS POINTS: Cost effectiveness, durability and ease of cleaning.

Roller blinds are a versatile and hard-wearing window treatment that can provide benefits in privacy, temperature and light control. Moisture resistant and easy to clean, they’re a popular choice for bathrooms and kitchens. Depending on your priorities, you can opt for:

Sun filter blinds: Great for blocking UV light, reducing heat and providing daytime privacy while retaining your view.

Blockout blinds: A great solution for bedrooms, where room darkening and night-time privacy are essential.

Light filter blinds: Filter light during the day while maintaining privacy at night. These blinds are not see-through but do let in diffused daytime light.

Dual roller blinds: Two blinds can be fitted on a dual bracket for a combination of sun-filter and blockout blinds.

Bedroom window roller blinds

Roman blinds

BEST FOR: Space saving.

BONUS POINTS: Energy efficiency and extensive fabric options.

Equally at home in modern builds, renovations and character homes, Roman blinds are a versatile choice. They neatly fold up for a crisp, clean look that can visually lengthen your windows - and are great for smaller spaces where curtains would be impractical. Choose from an extensive range of fabrics with the option of lining them for extra temperature control. Roman blinds can be fit inside or outside the window frame. External fit Roman blinds are our most popular choice as they block out more light, making these a great choice for bedrooms.

Space-saving Roman blind in a bedroom


BEST FOR: Small, narrow or shaped windows.

BONUS POINTS: Space saving, flush-fit finish.

If you have irregular-shaped windows, shutters are a great option as they can be made to fit virtually any window size and shape. An instant classic, they make a stylish addition to any home and can be easily tilted for light control and privacy. Shutters can be fitted in fixed, hinged, bi-fold or sliding configurations, making them a great choice for any room. Choose from timber or composite materials and a range of colours.

Shutters over a bath

Honeycomb blinds

BEST FOR: Heat retention.

BONUS POINTS: Slim profile and noise reduction.

When it comes to temperature control, honeycomb (or Thermacell) blinds can’t be beaten. The unique construction of honeycomb blinds traps pockets of air to create an insulating barrier against cold windows. This barrier also helps dampen outside noise for a quieter home. Honeycomb blinds stack discreetly for a low-profile look when open, and can even be made cordless for the ultimate in minimalism.

Honeycomb blind

For expert help choosing the perfect window treatments for your place, book your free consultation with one of our team today.