Thermal Roller Blinds

Thermal Roller Blinds

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Warming up your home.

Client "I want a thermal roller blind"

Me "Are you looking to warm your home up?"

Client "Yes we are!"

My reply in the video.

I just had someone call me up on the phone and here's what they asked.

They said "I'd like a thermal roller blind", my reply was "do you want to warm up your home" to which they said "Yes absolutely we do". I said well in all fairness a roller-blind albeit a thermal one, with the backing on the back is not going to be your best option especially one that's going to be installed inside the window frame. It's going to have a small gap right there around all those edges and it's going to let warmth out or warmth touching that cold glass creating that flow of air cycling around and getting cooler and cooler and really not being efficient in terms of keeping warmth inside your home.

So ultimately what I said to this client real quickly was your best option is to try and go to a curtain above and to the sides and below that window nice and big. As big as you can on that window to the ceiling is ideal or alternatively if you did want to blind you could look at a honeycomb blind or a shutter they create a much better seal on your windows and work so much better in terms of their thermal efficiency.

So there you go if you're looking a warm up your home a thermal roller blind is perhaps not the best option out there. So remember before your friends and family commit and crime get them to call Curtain Design.