To puddle or not: Choosing the perfect curtain length

To puddle or not: Choosing the perfect curtain length

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Should my curtains touch the floor? This is one of the most common questions received by our consultants, so we’re here with the answers in this blog post.

For the best light control and thermal performance, curtains should ideally be floor length - even on short windows. Gone are the days when it was common to install curtains finishing just below the windowsill!

The vast majority of curtains we currently install are floor length. This is not only for the practical reasons above but also for the visual appeal, with longer curtains tending to help rooms appear taller and more spacious.

The only exception to this tends to be when there is something below the window that won’t allow floor-length curtains, such as a heater.

In most cases, curtains are installed either just skimming the floor or hovering a fraction above it. However, there are a few different options for the finished length of your curtains depending on your personal preferences, the room the curtains are being fitted in and the look you’re going for:


This is when curtains are made to hover around 5mm from the floor.

This is a sensible length that avoids the hems of your curtains collecting dust and makes for easy opening and closing.

Curtains floating 5mm from a wood floor


Curtains are hung just touching the floor for an effortlessly relaxed yet tailored finish.

This style is more forgiving if you have uneven floors (making it a great option for renovations!) or if you’re using a fabric with natural fibers such as linen, which will seasonally expand and contract.

Sheer curtains skimming a carpet


The curtains are made a little longer so that the ends “puddle” on the floor, giving a luxurious and romantic feel.

Be aware that this is a more high-maintenance look, requiring more care with cleaning as the hems can collect dust and debris from your floor.

Puddle length curtains pooling on the floor

So, that’s a summary of the common finished lengths for curtains. During an in-home consultation, our consultants will provide specialist advice on the best option for your windows and doors.

Need help choosing the right window treatments for your place? Get in touch today; our experienced team is here to help.