What are window treatments?

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What are window treatments?

Window treatments are basically an interior decorating element placed around, on, in or over a window to enhance the beauty of the building, provide privacy, increase the thermal properties of a house or protect from harmful UV rays. This is the case whether it is condominium, a house, an office, or any other building. Many would point out that the soul to a home and the finishing touch can be a great window treatment. The choice of what to place over a window is not an easy one given the breadth of options available to the individual choosing. But it can be one of the most crucial in the entire process.

Some would think that window treatments are merely about decoration, but they do have extremely important functional properties also. The functions can include the ability to block sunrays, darkening the room by blocking light, and also to provide personal privacy among other things. Moreover, where is the window placed, first floor living, is it in front of the house. Where is the window positioned in the house? Is it in the north, west, east or south of the house? These questions all help to define what type of window treatments would be suitable for certain areas. Either way, window treatments are a common and focal point within any house.

Window treatments come in many different styles and certain types can suit rooms that are modern, old fashioned, conservative and many more. Window treatments can be either hard treatments or soft treatments. Hard window treatments use hard materials for decoration like wood, metal or vinyl. Hard treatments are shutters and venetian blinds.

There are a group of products that fall in the middle and they are a combination of hard and soft like roller blinds and thermacell blinds. While not made of wood or aluminum they can take on a more industrial feel.

Soft window treatments are those made from fabrics. These include all curtains and drapes as well as roman blinds and voiles. These products have a softening affect on the room around them and can create a sense of warmth that a hard window treatment cannot necessarily provide.

When selecting the right window treatment for your house it is important to think about the purpose or the need you are trying to service. Whether it be to increase the warmth of a room, protect from sunlight or increase the aesthetics of a room there is a window treatment for you.

Curtain Design’s trained consultants are more then happy to guide you through the process and help you select the correct window treatments for your home.