Window Treatments for a Bay Window

Window Treatments for a Bay Window

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Window treatments for a bay window

Bay windows are an architectural feature that adds a tremendous amount of class and elegance (not to mention character) to interior and exterior spaces – but they can prove to be more than a little bit of a hassle and headache to find proper window treatments for.

Trying to choose the best window treatments for your bay window can feel like a bit of an uphill battle. For one thing, the options for these kinds of windows are a little bit more limited (until you start to think outside the box), and for another it can be tough to choose between curtains and blinds or a combination of the two.

Hopefully we are able to help you out a little with the inside information we’ve included below!

Choosing curtains for your bay window

If you are thinking about going with curtains, there are a couple of different considerations that you’re going to want to focus on before you pull the trigger on a purchase.

For starters, you’re going to need to figure out how you’re going to hang your curtains in your bay window to begin with!

Some people are going to go with a single track that pushes out in front of the bay window, whereas others are going to go with multi-piece, bent, or curved tracks that get the same job done but with a different aesthetic.

How much and where the curtains stack back to is also important as you might find this covers more of your window then you would like.

Choosing blind options

Roller blinds are probably the simplest bay window treatment that you’ll have to pick and choose from, but a lot of people are moving forward with Roman blinds and Venetian blinds than ever before as well. They pull up nice and compact when not in use.

Roman Blinds if you have room above your window to pull them up out of the way are also a great option. Bearing in mind you might have to have multiple blinds to cover the space. Roman Blinds are more of an on off product although you can leave them part of the way down to help with sun and glare during the day.

Venetian Blinds offer great functionality and light control as you can tilt the slats to suit the amount of light you want to enter the room. If you want to open the windows and pull up the Venetian blinds remember that when pulled up Venetians sit as a large stack of slats blocking some of your view. Therefore a different window treatment might be a better option.

Thermacell or Honeycomb Blinds are also a great option. Their thermal properties exceed all the other blind options so in an older house this can be a great option rather then double glazing and in some cases actually save you money while provide the same degree of warmth.

Shutters also create a great look. If you have a cottage or villa this might tie in great with the look and feel of the home. Not to mention the fantastic light and heat control shutters provide.

Why not both?

The best window treatments for your needs may simply be choosing both curtains and blinds and using them in conjunction with one another.

This kind of hybrid look allows you to get the light blockage that you’re after while also adding a tremendous amount of visual style with the curtains. This is how you completely change the way that your space looks, and you can even add contrasting colours or unique patterns to the mix that elevate things even further.