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Our qualified interior design consultants are here to help you finish off your home with the best looking window treatments. Our team love nothing more than to know you're excited to show off your new curtains and blinds.

Free In Home Consultation
The best place to choose curtains and blinds is in your own home. You can test the samples against your own paint, light conditions, flooring and other decor. We provide a fully mobile in home consultation service across the greater Waikato and beyond.

Book a time to meet one of our interior designers at our showroom. You'll be able to browse our extensive range of fabrics while enjoying a fresh cup of coffee or tea. We can go over any questions you might have concerning your window treatments.

I Only Have Plans
Not a problem at all. We can be very accurate with our quoting off plans. Planning your window treatments early on in the process enables you to combine your paint, flooring, kitchen and decor colours together to ensure they all work well.