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Choosing your curtain fabric

We work with New Zealand’s leading suppliers to offer an extensive range of fabric options. Our experienced consultants can bring our range to your door and help you find the perfect product for your home.

In addition to a range of colours, textures and patterns, there are a number of different fabric types to consider – each with their own benefits. We’ve outlined some of your choices below.

Hugely popular at the moment – and with good reason. Linen curtains pleat fantastically and provide an effortlessly chic, airy look. Be aware though that linen is a natural fibre, so it can shrink and expand from season to season and can only be dry-cleaned.

A lot of modern curtain fabrics are made partly or entirely of polyester. It’s a durable, affordable product that holds its shape well and is easy to clean.

Cotton is a light, natural, and versatile fibre used in a large range of traditional and modern styles. It’s essential to properly line cotton curtains so they hang and drape as desired and to prevent UV light from breaking down the cotton over time. Choose a tight weave if you want to block sunlight in a bright room.

Nothing says luxury and romance like silk. When used well, it can look stunning – particularly in formal settings. However, be aware that silk is very susceptible to fading and moisture so it’s worth investing in a good lining or other options to keep the sun off the face of the fabric.

Similar in texture to wool, acrylic is a man-made fabric which is resistant to creasing, sunlight, fading and mildew. Although lightweight, acrylic fabric provides good insulation and is hypoallergenic. Some acrylic fabrics can fuzz or pill under abrasion, so they are best used in areas where there won’t be a lot of rubbing or wear and tear.

Made of either natural or synthetic fibres, velvet is great for a plush, glamourous look. Because of its thickness, velvet provides extra privacy and helps block sound and light. It drapes well but depending on your chosen pleat, you may need a thinner or separate lining to stop the look becoming bulky.

A common choice for sheer curtains, voile is an open-weave fabric that can be used to provide privacy during the day while still letting in natural light. It also helps protect the room from UV light, which can fade carpets and furniture.

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