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Curtain Pleats


After choosing your curtain fabric, the next decision is curtain pleats. The right pleat can make all the difference to the finished look. Our experienced team will talk you through the options to help you select the best choice for your curtains.

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Pleat Terms Explained

Fullness - The amount of fabric needed to cover a particular width. A 2.0 fullness would require 2m of fabric for every 1m you want to cover. This varies according to pleat type, meaning some pleats require more fabric than others.

Header - This is the vertical size of the tape/pleat we use. Typically, a larger header is used for houses with a high stud. The header size should increase relative to the vertical drop of the curtains to maintain the pleat and achieve a proportional look.


Single Pleat or New York Pleat

A single (or New York) pleat gives a crisp, clean and structured look. It’s a great option for modern homes and is becoming an increasingly popular choice. An added benefit of single pleat curtains is that we can use 1.8 fullness – which means using less fabric than some other pleat types. This helps if you have a small wall space to stack the curtains back into when they’re open, particularly with large windows.

  • Modern homes
  • Ideal for when there’s limited room to the side of the window
  • Can be used on any type of Rod or Track
  • Available as 100mm header or a 150mm header

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