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Honeycomb blinds achieve their great heat retention through trapping air in the honeycomb construction. This creates an effective barrier that protects against windows that are cold or draughty. Cleaning them is easy. They are light and simple to use. The product has a unique honeycomb action that utilizes a small head box that guarantees great views. They tick almost all the boxes when it comes to a window treatment solution.

Curtain Design offers a range of honeycomb cellular blinds called Thermacell blinds.


Thermacell Blinds Benefits

Thermacell blinds have many benefits, which include.

  • Cordless - Honeycomb blinds can be hand raised or cordless leaving the room with a look that is streamlined.
  • Insulation - Thermacell blinds offer great insulating properties. Creating a warmer home for you and your family.
  • Colour and style - With a broad range of colours in both a translucent and blockout fabric.
  • Small discreet stack - Retain your view with a Thermacell blind. They will stack up to a very small size.
  • Room darkening - The unique construction allows a tight fit to increase the room darkening characteristics.

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