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Honeycomb blinds achieve their great heat retention through trapping air in the honeycomb construction. This creates an effective barrier that protects against windows that are cold or draughty. Cleaning them is easy. They are light and simple to use. The product has a unique honeycomb action that utilizes a small head box that guarantees great views. They tick almost all the boxes when it comes to a window treatment solution.

Curtain Design offers a range of honeycomb cellular blinds called Thermacell blinds.


What Are Honeycomb Cellular Blinds?

Honeycomb cellular blinds are pleated and are made of fabric. They are available in multiple cell sizes. This makes it convenient for a client to get the most preferred one. The Thermacell spun lace collection is ideal for any home interior as the colours are meant to fit everyday decor. Some of the colours are birch, sky, yellow canary, lavender, ice blue and peach parfait just to mention a few. The blockout collection is a great choice if you prefer privacy. It is also good for sound absorption and insulation. The collection includes khaki, taupe, whipped butter and pebble white. Thermacell insulating blinds come with components that are colour coordinated. These include a bottom rail and head rail. One of the major benefits that you get from opting for honeycomb blinds is that they can be custom made to your specific windows or doors. You can choose to have them in a colour that complements the area that they are meant to be put in. You can also either get one with a cord or the cordless alternative. They offer something new and unique that magnifies the beauty of a home. Thermacell insulating cellular blinds are worth every penny.
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