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Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds - Curtain Design Hamilton, NZ


Custom Made Roman Blinds are extremely popular right now. They have a clean crisp look that works equally well in modern homes and older renovations. Often these blinds provide an extremely practical solution to windows that have a shorter drop of less then 1.6m. These windows often have furniture or beds below them and therefore a full length curtain would be impractical.

Providing a great seal around the edge of the window frame Roman Blinds offer great light filtration and temperature control through heat retention. Folding up out of the way a Roman Blind when not in use don't impinge on the room to any great extent. Curious with what to do on those tall skinny windows or the flat shorter ones above your master bed. Curtain Design has been creating and installing custom made Roman Blinds across Hamilton and the broader Waikato region for many happy customers.


How to measure Roman Blinds?

It is very simple and straightforward to measure for Roman Blinds. Given that the fabric is completely flat there is no complicated mathematics to work out how much gather is required. Of course you are also welcome to enlist one of Curtain Design's experienced consultants to come out and provide an obligation free measure and quote.

Internal Fitting Roman Blinds
Measure the tight inside measurements of both the width and drop. Check for any possible obstructions like handles or security stays. It may be necessary to take off a small allowance of the width to ensure the blind runs up and down smoothly. Choose which side you would like the controls to hang from.

External Fitting Roman Blinds
Measure the outside frame to outside frame measurements for both the width and height. We usually take the Roman Blind an extra 5cm past each side of the window frame. This ensures a good seal for light and heat retention. Likewise with the drop you will need to add on a minimum 10cm at the top and 5cm at the bottom. This should enable the blind to sit mostly up out of the window when closed. Choose which side you would like the controls to hang from.
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