Sunfilter Roller Blind

When it comes to stopping glare from the sun fading your furniture and carpet or interrupting your early afternoon television viewing there is really only one answer.

Sunfilter Roller Blinds cut out 90% of the UV light that enters a window. This reduces glare and also heat, while still allowing you the ability to retain some natural light and see outside.

These blinds are perfect for offices, schools or homes that have computer screens, TV's or projection screens affected by glare at certain times of the day.


Sheers & Net Curtains
For a softer look you could try a Sheer or Net curtain. They allow a level of diffused light into the room. They don't provide the same level of of UV protection, which is important to slow down the fading on furniture that a sunfilter roller blinds does.

They are however still a valid option and with many different designs from a soft plain ivory to a crushed merlot there is a design that suits you.